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Monday, 30 January 2023
It's now 8:40 PM in Singapore

BBAXN is an organization committed to revolutionizing amateur basketball in Singapore through its amazing interactive website, developed by MATADOR Systems award-winning Multi-Media Design Team (

BBAXN offers a platform for individuals, small and large companies, and social groups, to network and improve their physical fitness while enjoying one of the world's most popular sports.

BBAXN brings together over twenty years of experience in sports event marketing and management in Asia. Every member of the BBAXN organization is an avid sports fan and player, and therefore understands the crucial elements required to implement a successful and professional amateur sports leagues or cup tournaments.

For all basketball leagues and cup tournaments, BBAXN provides:

  • Quality Basketball courts (in regards to both playing surface and location)
  • Four Qualified Basketball Association of Singapore Officials per game sourced from the Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS)
  • Digital Scoreboards
  • Fully Automated and Interactive Web-Sites
  • Full-Time Administrators
This ensures that participation in a BBAXN organised basketball league or cup tournament rewards every team with an enjoyable, positive, and competitive playing experience.

Business registration no. : 200504570D
Date BBAXN was incorporated: 7 April 2005

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