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Sunday, 27 May 2018
It's now 12:48 PM in Singapore
PinoyITdotSG League
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Eastsidaz Basketball Club
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Description: Roots of the Eastsidaz team can be traced back to September of 2005. A group of seven grown men, who thinks they're black, met regularly for some ass whoopin' basketball action at Marine Crescent. Our numbers grew slowly every week as we gain street credit by schooling local hoopster wannabies. One day, while thrash-talking each other ghetto style, one of us blurted: "Hey y'all! Why don't we put our money where our mouth is and join some organized basketball?!" And we then joined PinoyITdotSG's inaugural tournament and got thrashed so badly we could only laugh and have trouble breathing. This season, the Eastsidaz are back with a mission. By alienating key players from other teams and recruiting street thugs from Singapore's East Coast, we have reinforced our solid lineup of wise-cracking hommies. Armed with the same basketball savvy and a brand new philosophy, we are back to prove people wrong. 'Coz it aint about hype dawg, its about hoop.
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